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A high level of service and excellent communication with recipients of products or services - these are the goals of every modern organisation. Among the continuously growing competition, it takes a professional CRM solution in order to effectively tackle current business challenges. Our offer includes CRM-type solutions and sales platforms, which ensure comprehensive management of business processes responsible for sales and customer support. We offer tools to manage the sales network and the effective design of sales strategies through the continuous monitoring and reporting of outcomes. We support our clients in choosing solutions adjusted to their current needs - from as-is analysis of the current business environment, through configuring and implementing solutions, to maintenance and support of future system development.

Basic benefits of implementing CRM-type tools:

  • Optimisation of sales process: CRM supports employees at various levels of the organisation in their day-to-day communication with clients. It is mainly used for planning and recording contacts, transactions and sales prospects, as well as for monitoring performance of subordinates and tracking various stages of the sales process.
  • Easier access to information about clients: CRM includes a centralised and coherent client information platform. The platform contains up-to-date client identification data, contact person data, client history, as well as operational and financial data from various external systems.
  • Instant sharing of aggregated information: the built-in reporting system provides information on employee activity and allows for an analysis of predefined KPIs, offering the management team a constant supervision over sales processes.
  • Defining a clear structure of duties and responsibilities: relationship managers are assigned to tasks. The tasks are defined by the roles mechanism and the integrated system of alerts, displays and reminders about upcoming tasks.
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