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Request Processing System (BPM)

Original Request Processing System - Pentegy Process Platform - is a solution for modelling and configuring business processes, using visual interface.


The system includes:

  • Support for single and multi-threaded processes
  • monitoring status and execution time of individual tasks
  • checklist-based process control checklists)
  • on-line and off-line integration with external systems
  • distributing tasks to specific employees or teams 
  • and many more

Processes modelled in PPP organise and shorten the time necessary to execute unstructured tasks (information circulated by email) and ones that are not supported by the client's application. The flexibility of the solution allows you to quickly adjust the process to a changing business environment. 

One of the predefined processes included in the Pentegy Process Platform is the RECRUITMENT PROCESS, namely systematic support for all stages of the recruitment process: from submitting a recruitment request, through necessary confirmations, creating an advert, advert and CV base, to initiating employment and preparing the work station.

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