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Project start-up and management

Recent studies show that the success rate of IT projects is as low as 20%. 

Thanks to our specific knowledge of the market and many years of experience, we are capable of selecting the right team for every task. Our portfolio includes the ability to provide the temporary assistance of both business and IT experts who have proper knowledge and competencies, and are ready to support the client’s organisation in their projects.
Every project we undertake is managed with special attention to the final results. It is imperative for us to achieve only the results that satisfy the client. We guarantee an individualised and flexible approach to every project. We respect the client's time. In our work we use renowned and proven project management methodologies and standards developed through many years of experience, which are individually adapted to each specific organisation.

Project / Project Portfolio Management

  • Project / Programme Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Project Management Office

Business Project / Project Portfolio Management

The implementation of changes in an organisation according to the project approach requires continuous project management, monitoring of its compliance with business as well as control and coordination of the project team's work. Our experienced consultants assist clients in the execution of these type of ventures, as project managers, project support managers (i.e.  Project Office), supervision or quality control specialists (periodic or continuous). Our specialists' competences have a considerable impact on eliminating risks inherent to complex projects that originate from factors related to managing multiple projects at once.

Project Management

Our consultants boast experience and competences allowing them to provide the client with assistance in project management work, adopting the role of project managers. In our work we use the best market practices and popular project management methodologies (i.e.  Prince2, PMI, IPMA). The project manager on behalf of Pentegy is responsible for ongoing management of the project, its agenda, resources, budget, quality, change and risk inherent to the venture, and responds to the superior executive authorities in the project structure. Moreover, the project manager's scope of responsibilities includes, among others:

  • Development of a detailed project agenda, divided into phases, and a list of the final results/products,
  • Estimating number of employees required to participate in the project, as well as assigning roles and deciding on the degree of their commitment.
  • Supervision of the progress, reporting potential risk factors and delays they could cause,
  • Development of rescue plan in case of delays or adversities that could pose a hurdle to the successful completion of the project.
  • Supervision of the internal communication between the members of the project team, as well as internal project marketing within the client organisation, with particular emphasis on the executive board,
  • Planning and supervising the budget of the project.

Project Portfolio Management

In the area of Project Portfolio Management our consultants support the client in the following tasks (among others):

  • Development of investment strategy for the project portfolio,
  • Identification of the adequate types of projects that should enter the portfolio,
  • Evaluation and prioritisation of projects during their inclusion in the portfolio,
  • Construction of a balanced portfolio that achieves its investment goals,
  • Monitoring of portfolio performance,
  • Adaptation of the portfolio composition in order to achieve the results desired by the client.

Project Management Office

Pentegy's consultants assist the client in management of the Project Office by executing activities according to popular project management methodologies (i.e. Prince2, PMI, IPMA) and by using dedicated IT tools. The scope of activities includes, among others, project documentation management and archiving, communication management, reporting and monitoring of the work progress, risk identification and assessment, products management, support for the project executive authorities and quality controlling authorities.



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