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Effective sales support system for banking products based on IBM technology

Business profile of the client

A universal bank which is one of the largest banks in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe and that has the second-largest branch network in the country (more than 1000 branches) and is part of a leading European banking group with almost 9600 branches and employing more than 160,000 people in 22 countries.


Objective of the project

The objective of the project was the implementation of a modern SFA (Sales Force Automation) sales support system based on an IBM Websphere platform. The system that we created includes three main phases: planning, execution and monitoring of results. From the point of view of the bank's advisors, SFA is primarily a convenient and effective tool for planning work, customer service, including obtaining all necessary information about customers and monitoring sales targets. For managers, SFA is an advanced reporting system, which provides the ability to control sales levels and staff effectiveness.

Description of the client’s situation 

Prior to the implementation of the SFA Pentegy platform, information about bank customers was scattered in different systems. During customer service operations, the bank's advisers used many tools, applications and data sources. This had a significant impact on customer service time, and therefore the quality of services, as noticed by bank customers. In addition, reports of sales results were sent to managers through various systems and were not proceduralised, which resulted in the fact that their compilation was laborious.

Implemented solutions

 SFA (Sales Force Automation) is a modern CRM/FrontOffice system supporting the registration and collection of information, planning all types of events with customers and analysis of recorded data. As a convenient and effective mechanism of planning, management and monitoring of sales campaigns, the system is currently used in one of the largest Polish banks by all the employees of the retail banking division who have contact with customers, which means about 1500 sales staff and employees of the customer service call-center.

SFA allows an individual approach to each customer, by gathering information on banking products held by the given customer, the history of contacts, presented sales offers and retention, as well as targeted marketing offers presented to the customer. By integrating the functionality of multiple applications, one screen allows sales staff to plan future meetings, obtain information about products that could potentially be of interest to the customer or quickly print out offers. At the same time, the advanced reporting system gives managers the ability to control the sales level and efficiency of employees, and use information collected during the generation of new products. The SFA also has a wide range of marketing applications, allowing the location and usage of the most effective marketing channels and contact with the customer.

The following functionalities have been implemented in the system:

  • Campaign module,
  • Event module,
  • Pricing module,
  • Retention module,
  • Risk assessment system supporting the credit approval,
  • Collection and complaint system,
  • Analytical CRM,
  • Tools supporting the organisation of the adviser’s work (calendar, alerts, sales goals),   
  • Support system for the work of the Call Center,
  • Reporting system,
  • Management system for bank account and credit card bank statements.   

The SFA system is based on IBM technology solutions. In particular, the Websphere Application Server Network Deployment has been used, which supports the business logic of the system (graphical interface and J2EE business applications), Websphere Process Server, which supports the process course (BPM) and WebSphere Message Broker, which provides the integration bus (ESB) for connection to other banking systems.

Thanks to the modular structure based on SOA architecture, the system is characterised by high reliability and flexibility, and can be easily adapted to the needs of a given organisation. Currently, the SFA is used in Central and Eastern Europe and is available in two language versions (Polish and Ukrainian).

Advantages resulting from the implementation of our product

The SFA platform is a modern tool that enables efficient sales support. The implementation of our solution allows quality and efficiency to be enhanced as well as reducing the time of customer service. An additional benefit for the bank is the generation of more effective positioning processes of customers and a faster response to their needs.

The integration of numerous IT tools of the bank in a single platform, simplification of business processes and provision of complete information on customers and products to sales staff has brought tangible benefits in form of a stronger activation of sales resources, and therefore more effective achievement of sales objectives.

The time required to read information about a customer and initiate contact has been reduced three times, which has translated into a 77% increase in the number of phone calls to customers and a 50% increase in the number of meetings.

Thanks to the mechanism used by cashiers to provide information to advisers that the client is interested in something, the efficiency in this sales channel has increased by more than 100%. Almost half of consumer loans are sold this way.



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