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Implementation of a new LMS (Learning Management System) platform

Business profile of the customer

A universal bank, which is one of the largest banks in Poland and in Central and East Europe, which has the second-largest branch network in the country (more than 1000 branches); it is part of a leading European banking group that has more than 160,000 employees in 22 countries. 

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was the implementation of a modern LMS (Learning Management System) training platform that allows the training product management process to be automated and rationalised inside the organisation. The LMS application is designed to support the whole process of handling training (stationary and e-learning) starting from identifying training needs, through planning, organising and post-training administration. From the point of view of the bank’s staff, the platform is above all a comfortable and easy-to-use tool allowing registrations for selected training and providing access to all the information on planned and already completed training courses.

Description of the customer’s situation 

Prior to the implementation of the Pentegy LMS platform, the bank was using a training management system that did not meet all the expectations and needs of the employees. The main limitations of the system were as follows:

  • Lack of support for all training products – the system provided support exclusively for classroom training and e-learning, while other training products (individual training, postgraduate studies) were supported by HR staff using electronic mail, phone and MS Excel files,
  • Training registration by the employee only for classroom training – the system did not allow employees to individually register for e-learning courses,
  • Lack of support for communication within the organisation – difficult exchange of information between training participants and HR professionals in terms of training applications, completed and planned training, loyalty contracts, etc.
  • Lack of reporting tools – due to the use of non-proceduralised multiple data sources, the preparation of reports for internal and external needs of the HR department containing cross-sectional information was very time consuming,
  • Lack of integration with the ERP system – necessity for manual conversion and introduction of invoice amounts in proportion to organisational units.

Implemented solutions

The work carried out by Pentegy consultants in cooperation with the bank’s representative: 

  • Development of an overall solution and a detailed analysis of the customer’s requirements, including gathering requirements from final users on training processes in the bank, interfaces and other necessary functionalities of the system
  • Development of a functional specification of the project along with the preparation of the application’s graphic design based on the customer’s guidelines
  • Creation of the technical design, database model and the specification of interfaces, and programming works, as well as execution of internal testing of the application,
  • Preparation of test documentation and support during acceptance testing,
  • Integration with HR and ERP banking systems (in terms of data of suppliers, contracts and settlement of invoices) as well as data migration from the previous LMS system,
  • Implementation of a pilot program and implementation support,
  • Establishment of an agenda and training materials, then the performance of full-time training within the scope of functionality of the LMS system, preparation of e-learning training on the operation of the system,
  • Post-project support including warranty and the implementation of extensions as included in the list determined by the customer. 

The implemented LMS solution has a modular architecture, allowing maximum adaptation of size and solution functionality to meet the needs of a given organisation. It provides the ability to integrate with any of the customer’s systems (e.g. accounting and financial, human resources, reporting platform).

The system provides the following functionalities: budget planning, gathering of training needs, establishment of courses/sessions, establishment of e-courses in SCORM-standard, records, surveys, certificates, training accounting (including the transmission of financial data to an ERP system), management of a database of trainers and training rooms.

Advantages resulting from the implementation of our product

In accordance with the principle that people, their knowledge, experience and skills are the most valuable resource of each organisation, the development of human capital is an investment in the growth of innovation and the competitive advantage of the company. The LMS platform is a modern tool that lets you efficiently manage training and helps to ensure that organised training is the right investment carried out efficiently.

Benefits for the organisation resulting from the implementation of a LMS platform:

  • Increase of efficiency and reduction of time-consumption in handling training processes – the creation of a single tool to handle all training products has greatly  improved the process of organising and conducting training,
  • Unification of the reporting process of training needs – proper identification of employees’ needs is the key to the development of an effective training schedule,
  • Providing the possibility to register for training to all employees in the organisation – the easy-to-use application allows independent registration for training classes and e-learning courses,
  • Ability to carry out e-learning training in online and offline mode – the LMS platform supports e-learning training in the popular SCORM 2004 standard; having registered for an e-learning training course, the employee can download the training package and then track the course progress in the LMS application, as well as take the final exam,
  • Providing information about the training history of employees,
  • Monitoring the budget and costs associated with trainings,
  • Provision of a reporting tool – gathering and standardisation of all data within training processes has made it possible to prepare reports on the basis of the individual needs of the customer.

In 2011, the customer received an international award: HR Excellence in the category: HR Technology Award for the implementation of an LMS system, together with the company PENTEGY S.A.


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