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Implementation of the price process on the BPM platform

Business profile of the customer

A universal bank, which is one of the largest and oldest banks in Poland. The bank is among the top banks in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of assets, capital and operational efficiency. The distribution network of the customer includes more than 2,000 branches and agencies, with more than 27,000 employees. The bank has a strong position among key players, both in the corporate and retail banking market.

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to provide support and systematise the key decision-making processes within price conditions of the bank’s offer for corporate customers. The key element was to optimise the handling of process for determining individual price conditions for corporate customers, and support in the decision-making process of management staff through the implementation of a BPM platform.

Description of the customer’s situation 

The process of determining individual price conditions for corporate customers was not supported by any dedicated IT solution, and functioned only on the basis of spreadsheets and manual calculations made by employees. The decisions were often not optimal, and the information flow within the process was mainly on the basis of business correspondence (email), as well as by use of MS Office documents.

Management were not able to manage optimally the price process and control its course. The information was processed and collected at lower levels and was not passed on to management. There were problems with the identification of deviations and the functioning of business controlling. The inability to accurately determine the labour coefficient for activities related to the transfer of cases and tasks to subsequent participants in the process and the time needed to start the next stage of the process was identified.

Main business issues to be solved as part of the project were:  

  • The process of pricing decisions carried out on the basis of business correspondence was not supported by summoning individual process participants and generating obligations to carry out tasks within their scope of responsibility, verification of the required level of decision, or the completeness of the application and the documents attached. There was no support for task flow between process participants. This resulted in unnecessary time consumption in the process and created additional operational risk.
  • When carrying out the task, employees were forced to enter the same data in different applications at different stages of the process, which significantly increased the labour coefficient and operational risk of the process.
  • The price decision process had a high labour coefficient at the stage of preparing an application itself. This was due to the fact that during preparation, several tools and information databases needed to be used (including the rates of fees and commissions from Fees and Commissions Tariff, the rate of the minimum price thresholds from the Minimum Price Tariff, the result for the current profitability of the customer and the estimated result from external applications).

Implemented solution

The work carried out as part of the project included the following activities:


  • Development of the overall concept of targeted solutions and a detailed analysis of the customer’s requirements, including:
    • Registration of a price application
    • Provision of tasks and directing issues for improvement for price process participants
    • Automatic email notification and generation of documents,
    • Sub-process of evaluation of applications
    • Ability of making decisions on the price application within the system.
  • Elaboration of requirements concerning interfaces, including price process synchronisation with the ex-ante system, feeding the process with data on the profitability of the corporate customer
  • Elaboration of extensions for the BPM platform created by the customer, in the context of providing technological support for detailed requirements of the price process,
  • Supporting acceptance tests, which include: developing a test schedule framework,  preparation of test scenarios, direct monitoring of tests and support of users,
  • Development of complete system documentation,
  • Proposing solutions with the goal of improving the ergonomics of work and effectiveness of the application,
  • Preparation of training materials  User Guide – which describes in detail the solutions introduced, training materials for classroom training and e-training
  • Supporting the implementation and post-project support.

Advantages resulting from the implementation of our product

The implementation of the work-flow tool has improved the decision-making process and facilitated the management of documentation and information flow. Electronic decision-making processes implemented under the solution that included multilevel communication within the organisation of the corporate customer service area introduced better management control capabilities.

The new system provided users with a unified work environment. Through integration with the bank’s internal systems and enabling parallel process handling by various participants, the time for preparation and application handling has been reduced significantly. The fact of transferring the handling of an application to the BPM system has eliminated the use of a wide variety of unrelated tools and allowed all required data to be available from one application level.

The application allows the verification of the required decision-making levels, the quantification of content and the kind of decisions being made. The positioning of users from the point of view of their roles within the process, the hierarchy of their position in the organisation and the geographical breakdown was also implemented. Clearly designed application forms provide a high level of working ergonomics, which significantly affects the performance and efficiency of the bank’s staff carrying out tasks within the process.


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